Zoo Rules

Please Refer to Homepage for Additional Guidelines in Relation to COVID-19

The rules & guidelines are posted at the entrance to the park & inside the park.  Zoo Staff will remove anyone who violates Zoo Guidelines. Rules are in place for the safety of our animals, visitors, and staff.


  • No Smoking including E-cigarettes, Big Joel's Safari is a Smoke Free Facility.

  • Outside Food cannot be brought into the park. No exceptions

  • No Pets are allowed on premises.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult at all times within arms reach. Adults are responsible for the safety of their children. Anyone under 14 years old needs to be accompanied by an adult.

  • Running, yelling, making loud noises, and taunting the animals is not allowed. Each of the following can result in injury or worse to our animals and will not be tolerated.

  • Help Big Joel's Safari protect the animals. Obey signs, stay on walkways, always walk, and do not harass free roaming animals in the park.

  • Do not throw any objects which includes feed at animals or their habitats. Throwing objects directly at animals will result in expulsion from the park.

  • Only certain species may be fed and only animal feed sold at the park can be used. Feed may not be distributed from souvenir cups into plastic bags or "disposable cups as these can be choking hazards for the animals. At no point should any visitor throw feed or pour it on the ground.

  • We Reserve the right to inspect anything that is brought into the Zoo

Disabilities Note

We are partially wheelchair accessible. The zoo is on natural terrain, which means there are slight inclines, gravel, and grass to manage. We not have wheelchair rentals.

Service Animals can only have access to our gift shop & pavilion area for the safety of our animals.

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