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Educational Field Trips


Looking for something fun and educational? Big Joel's Safari provides Educational Field Trips for students of all ages. 


To book your field trip please call (636) 745 3031. If no answer, please leave a message and we will get back with you. Online booking will not be available until our 2023 Season begins.


2023 Field Trip Availability

April 9th - May 26th = Monday, Thursday, & Friday

Groups with over 100 paying participants may be able to book on Tuesday or Wednesday

May 27th thru August 20th = Every weekday

August 21st - September 27th Monday, Thursday, & Friday

Groups with over 100 paying participants may be able to book on Tuesday or Wednesday

September 28th - October 31st = Every weekday

2023 Field Trip Pricing & Requirements


  • $8.00 per participant. Teachers, para professionals, & Bus Drivers free (does not include parent drivers).

  • Minimum of 20 paying participants are required to book a field trip. If you have a small group of less 20 participants you can visit anytime we are open to the public at regular admission and animal feed rates without having to schedule a time with us.                                    

  • Definition of a Participant: any student (2 yrs old & up), siblings, and parents attending the field trip other than classroom teachers, para professionals, and bus drivers.

  • Must be scheduled in advance to receive field trip rate & feed.

  • Payment for all participants due prior to entry in one transaction. Late arrivals not paid for in the group transaction will be charged regular park rates.

  • If your group has less than 20 participants show up for the field trip you have two options: The group can pay the 20 participant minimum to receive a bucket of feed or pay regular park admission & buy feed cups if desired.

Field Trip Admission includes:

  • Entry to the zoo

  • Animal Feed: For every 15-20 students in your group you receive a large feed bucket to share. Individual feed cups are NOT provided, if you would like feed cups this must be arranged when you book your field trip for an additional fee.  PLEASE NOTE: Animal Feed may not be divided & put into small plastic bags, "dixie" cups, or other containers other than Big Joel's Safari Souvenir cups or buckets. No exceptions as this is for the sole safety of our animals.

  • Add on activities are not included with general admission and may not be available on weekdays

  • Bucket Refills are $25.00

Big Joel's Safari Field Trip Format!

  1. Upon Arrival we ask that teachers or organizers check in with the gift shop staff. Remaining staff & students should gather outside of the gift shop gates or buses.

  2. Welcome Presentation! Our staff will go over park rules and tips for having a fun & safe visit before entering the park

  3. Your group will enter with their teacher/ chaperone and that is when you will receive your feed bucket. Remember each feed bucket serves 15-20 students so divide groups accordingly.

  4. Then you are free to explore the zoo at your leisure. For large field trips we will start groups in different sections to avoid overcrowding. Safari Staff members will be throughout the park to try and answer any questions you may haveThe average visit to Big Joel's Safari is 1 & 1/2 hours if taking a leisurely pace.


Info You Need to Know

  • Park Rules must be followed by all guests at all times. Please have all teachers and chaperones review this page and our park rules ahead of time. Rules & Policies of Big Joel's Safari are at the bottom of this page in full detail.

  • Start on Time! This means your group is parked, unloaded, and organized ready to enter the park at the time you are given. To see our Cancellation/ Late Policies go to the bottom of this page.

  • No outside food allowed in Park (that means lunches & snacks). We do have a SMALL picnic area in the parking lot area, however it is not very big and they are first come, first serve with other field trips and regular customers. We highly recommend choosing a local park to have lunch at prior or after your visit to the park. The closest park is Diekroeger Park in Wright City, MO and you can make a reservation by calling 636 745 3101 or email them by going to their website at

  • Bring Water! We are not allowed to let the public access our well water. Vending machines are available in the park with water.

  • Animal Feed may not be divided & put into small plastic bags, "dixie" cups, or other containers other than Big Joel's Safari Souvenir cups or buckets. No exceptions as this is for the sole safety of our animals.

  • Don't know how to divide your groups for the best feeding experience? Well you are in luck. You only receive One feed bucket for every 15 - 20 students. So if you have a group of 30, divide them in half making 2 groups because you are only getting two buckets. If you have 64 students you will be given 4 buckets

  • Wheelchair Accessibility: Please take into consideration that most of the walkways in the park are on natural terrain such as gravel and grass with some slight inclines.

  • Service Animals: For the safety of our animals, service animals are only allowed in our pavilion area, birthday party room, and gift shop in the park.

  • Food Allergies: Our feed for the animals does not have "peanut or nut" products on the label. However it is manufactured at agriculture facility that does process peanuts or peanut shells. Therefore we make no guarantees of its presence or trace amounts in our animal feed.​​

Cancellation, Late, and Refund Policy: 

  • Inclement Weather Cancellation- Only we can authorize the cancellation of a field trip due to inclement weather. We keep very good tabs on the forecast and weather so we will contact you if there is a concern. Independently cancelling your trip without contacting us will result in no refund or chance to reschedule.

  • If your group is LATE in anyway, please call us immediately! Help us help you, we understand that things can happen. The faster we know the more options we can come up with or possibly reschedule if necessary, depending on the situation. Being late by more than a 1/2 hour without contacting us will result in cancellation.

  • If some your participants do not show up and you have prepaid, you will be refunded in park passes for them to visit on their own.

Please review all park Rules & Policies below before your Field Trip to make it more enjoyable!

Zoo Rules

  • Adults are responsible for the safety of their children, and must be supervised at all times. Anyone under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Alcohol, Pets, & Smoking are prohibited on premise. Big Joel's Safari is a smoke free environment which includes e-cigarettes.

  • For your safety and the welfare of the animals, please obey all posted signs and guidelines while remaining on the designated public sidewalks & paths

  • Running, taunting/ teasing animals, making loud noises, and horseplay are not permitted.

  • Throwing items at animals or into enclosures and placing cameras, GoPro® sticks, body parts, or any other item through or over exhibit barriers is strictly prohibited.

  • Only certain species may be fed and only animal feed sold at the park can be used. No other containers other than the souvenir feed cup provided may be used due to choking hazards. At no point should any visitor throw feed at animals/their exhibit or pour it on the ground.

  • Large coolers, lunches, & outside food are not allowed in the Zoo. You can get hand stamped for readmission, if you wish to eat a picnic lunch outside the zoo. 

  • Zoo Staff will remove anyone who violates Zoo Guidelines. We reserve the right to inspect anything that is brought into the zoo.

Guest Services

  • Lost & Found: Please turn in or check for items in the Gift Shop

  • First Aid is located in the Gift Shop

  • Hand stamp for same day re-entry available in the Gift Shop

  • Restrooms are located next to the Gift Shop/ Pavilion Area

  • Snacks & Drinks available under Pavilion via vending machines. Guests are welcome to bring a picnic lunch to enjoy at our Picnic Area in Parking lot and not inside the zoo.

  • Food for the animals is available at our Gift Shop or Feed Station. YOU MAY NOT FEED THE ANIMALS ANY FOOD YOU BRING WITH YOU INTO THE PARK, which is why all outside food in prohibited inside the zoo. Unauthorized feeding may cause illness, injury, or death, and is in violation of the United States Department of Agriculture’s Rules & Regulations

Disabilities Note

  • We are partially wheelchair accessible. The zoo is on natural terrain, which means there are slight inclines, gravel, and grass to manage. We not have wheelchair rentals.

  • Service Animals can only have access to our gift shop, birthday party room,& pavilion area for the safety of our animals. 

The following are prohibited for the safety & Welfare of our animals & guests:

  • Use of tobacco & marijuana products, including e-cigarettes'/ vapes

  • Dogs or other pets. Service animals are only permitted in the gift shop and pavilion area. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the Americans with Disabilities Act and not permitted inside the park.

  • Entering non-public areas

  • Balloons

  • Firearms and weapons

  • Drones, Lasers, Radio/ Music devices

  • Bicycles, Segway's, hoverboards, etc.

  • Glass bottles

  • Wearing a costume or mask that conceals the entire face if over 13 years of age.


  • Family-friendly attire is required (no profanity or graphic images). Shirt & shoes must be worn.

  • Refunds: Sorry, No refunds are given due to animal availability or weather

  • The zoo may take photos & videos of your party during your visit to our facility. These photos or videos may be used by the facility for both internal & public publications, including the zoo website & social media channels.

  • Personal video & photography are permitted, provided they do not interrupt the visitor experience for others.

  • Student/ Commercial filming must be approved by Zoo management in advance.

  • Distribution of any advertisements, handbills, products, or solicitation of funds or pledges of contributions within zoo property is prohibited.

  • Strollers and other personal belongings are left unattended at the owner's risk.

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