Educational Field Trips

Attention: Due to Covid 19 concerns we will not be booking field trips for the remainder of the 2020 season. Groups can visit on their own as regular guests during regular business days and hours.

Looking for something fun and educational? Big Joel's Safari provides Educational Field Trips for students of all ages. We love to teach people about our animals and our facility. Teaching is a tradition in the Clinger family, as both of Big Joel's parents are retired school teachers. Joel has learned a thing or two over the years! So book your Field Trip today! Make sure to read all the information below.


Our 2020 Field Trip Season begins April 13th and ends October 30th. We offer field trips throughout most of our season (not offered on weekends). 

  • $6.00 per participant (including adult chaperones)

​As always bus drivers and teachers are free.

Planning Field Trips in Spring & Fall:

Monday, Thursday, and Friday 

  • Minimum of 20 students required to book a field trip on these days

  • Fieldtrips must be scheduled in advance & require a $50.00 non-refundable deposit 

  • Our extra activities (rides, encounters, etc.) are not included in the regular admission price.  

Tuesdays, & Wednesdays

  • Minimum of 75 participants required to book a field trip on days we are closed to the public. Tuesday and Wednesday are typically reserved for our larger groups.

  • Fieldtrips must be scheduled in advance & require a $100.00 non-refundable deposit.

  • Our extra activities (rides, encounters, etc.) are not included in the regular admission price.  

Planning Field Trips in Summer:

Monday, Thursday, & Friday (from Memorial Day thru Labor Day)

  • Same as the Spring & Fall above

Tuesday & Wednesday

  • Minimum of 100 participants required

  • All fieldtrips must be scheduled in advance & require a $150.00 non-refundable deposit 

  • Our extra activities (rides, encounters, etc.) are not included in the regular admission price.  

  • For 2020 we are not booking field trips in July & early August on Tuesdays & Wednesdays

How to Book Your Field Trip

  • First, please read all the available information on this page regarding our educational field trips

  • Secondly, all final booking is done by calling the park office at (636) 745-3031

  • Call us right away and for us to better accommodate your group, you can also E-mail us the following information  

1)  Put “Field Trip & (Your School’s Name)” in the subject line
2)  School or Organization’s Name
3)  Your name and direct phone number 
4)  Number of student participants and chaperones
5)  Desired Date and start time
6)  Best time to contact you

We will contact you by phone, but please note that especially during the off season at the zoo we are not always in the office so please leave a message.

Field Trip Format

  • "Welcome" Presentation- Before exploring the park at your own pace, our staff will go over park rules and tips for a fun and safe visit with your entire group outside the park gates.

  • After the welcome your chaperones will be given a map to explore Big Joel's Safari and a bucket of animal feed for the animals as their group enters the park. One bucket serves 12-15 students (not including chaperones), so an easy way to divide your groups ahead of time is to divide each classroom in half.

  • We have informational signs about each of animals and if you have further questions you will find staff members in the different areas of the park. They will be glad to tell you any facts or if they do not know they will refer you to someone who does.

  • Generally most groups on average spend one and half hours visiting the park. At the end your group can meet at our pavilion and use our hand washing station before you exit the park.

  • ​Any extra activities that cost such as animal rides, the parakeet aviary, etc. are not included in field trips. 

 What you the teacher & educator need to know (Must Read)

  • First is to arrive on Time! The time you are given when booking is your START TIME and not your arrival time. Being early is never a bad thing and  coming late may additionally delay your start time due to other groups entering.

  • Directions! Please use our simple and easy written directions found here on our website to get to our park and not a GPS. 

  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD IS ALLOWED IN THE PARK such as lunches & snacks. So, Educators you need to plan accordingly and we do have references for local parks to have lunch at.

  • BRING WATER! We are not allowed to let the public access our well water so there are no drinking fountains. 

  • Payment: Before entering your group must be paid for in One transaction along with a copy of your Tax Exempt form. Group minimums required for booking are strictly enforced and you are required to pay the group minimum price. If you paid in advance and some of your participants cannot make it, you will be refunded in park passes for them to visit on their own.

  • Wheel Chair Accessibility: Please take into consideration that most of the walkways in the park are on natural terrain such as gravel and grass with some slight inclines.

  • Service Animals: For the safety of our animals, service animals are only allowed in our pavilion and entrance area in the park.

  • Food Allergies: Our feed that is given to you does not have "peanut or nut" products on the label, however feed mills for livestock do not operate in same manner as human food mills so we cannot guarantee it is 100% peanut free.

  ​ Participants & Chaperones Rules

Big Joel's Safari is a unique attraction where you get to be very up close and hands on with some of our species, even the ones you cannot touch more so than a traditional zoo visit that most are used to. So it very important that teachers and chaperones are diligent and involved in helping your students follow our rules to allow us to continue to offer this type of experience. These rules are in place for the safety of our animals and visitors alike.

  • Students are required to stay with chaperones at all times

  • Respect the animals. This means being quiet, calm, and no harassing the animals

  • Obey all rules, signs, and staff members

  • Only feed animals the food you have been given & please read signs as many are on special diets

  • Do not throw feed at animals, pour it onto the ground, or pick up old feed off the ground as it is likely contaminated

  • Walk, do not run, on designated paths only

  • Please do not litter

  • Do not pick up or kick gravel. Anyone caught throwing rocks especially at the animals, will be asked to leave

  • Please leave flowers, plants, and free roaming animals alone for all park visitors to enjoy

  • Be courteous and respectful of other visitors


Cancellation, Late, and Refund Policy: 

  • Inclement Weather Cancellation- Only Big Joel can authorize the cancellation of a field trip due to inclement weather as we are an outdoor facility and we will contact you if you are scheduled. Don't worry we keep a close eye on the weather at all times for our animal cares, so we are as concerned as you are.

  • If you decide to independently cancel your trip without contacting us, no refund or chance to reschedule will be given.

  • If your group is LATE in any way please call us immediately! Help us help you, we understand that things can happen, so the faster we know you are going to be late the more options we can come up with. We can reschedule if necessary depending on the situation.

  • If a group is late by more than a 1/2 hour past your scheduled arrive time and we have not been contacted by your representative we will assume your group is not coming and cancel.

  • If some your participants do not show up and you have prepaid you will be refunded in park passes for them to visit on their own 











2 pm - 7 pm


2 pm - 7 pm


2 pm - 7 pm



$8 per person ages 2 to adult

children under 2 are free

Single person season pass $35*

3 person season pass $95*

4 person season pass $130*

Additional season passes can be added to the four pack for $30* each.

* plus taxes

Contact & Location


13187 State Hwy M
Wright City, MO 63390

GPS may not be accurate.  Please click below for directions.