Things To Do

In addition to our more than 500 animals residents covering well over 60 species and growing, these are some of our other fun attractions here at the Safari

Camel Rides (Currently are not available and will be announced when back in operation)

$8.00 per rider
​Ride Requirements​

  • 250 lb. total weight limit

  • Must be at least 2 years old to ride​

  • Riders 4 years old and up may ride alone

  • Riders 2-3 years old must ride with a parent

  • Each Rider must buy a ride ticket (child + adult= 2 ride tickets)


Camel rides are weather permitting and are subject to change without notice.

Pony Rides

Pony rides are now available on weekends only for the month of October before ending the regular season.

 $8.00 per rider 
​Ride Requirements

  • ​Must be 2 years old to ride

  • Parent may need to walk along side pony

  • Rider must be under 80 lbs. 

Pony rides are weather permitting and subject to change without notice.

Feed for the Animals

$5.00 large feed cup with $3.00 refills
$3.00 small feed cup with $2.00 refills

Keep your cup for your next visit and just pay refill price.

You can purchase feed cups to feed many of the animals here at our park. You can feed animals that can come directly up to the fence using your hands, spoons, or through special feed tubes. Rules for feeding: never use your cup to feed them, do not pour feed on the ground, or throw feed at animals, and pay attention to signs because some species are on a special diet, so keep them healthy.        

Parakeet Encounter
This is our interactive parakeet encounter where you purchase a parakeet feed stick for only $1.00 to feed our many fine feathered friends in our open bird aviary and many will actually land on your stick, hand, and even your head!

Not offered during our Winter Wonderland

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