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In addition to seeing our more than 500 animal residents, covering well over 65 species and growing, these are some of our other fun attractions.

Feed for the Animals

$5.00 large feed cup with $3.00 refills
$3.00 small feed cup with $2.00 refills

Keep your cup for your next visit and just pay refill price.

You can purchase feed cups to feed many of the animals here at our park. You can feed animals that can come directly up to the fence using your hands, spoons, or through special feed tubes. Rules for feeding: never use your cup to feed them, do not pour feed on the ground, or throw feed at animals. Pay attention to signs because some species are on a special diet and are not supposed to eat the purchased feed.    


  • Food Allergies: The feed for the animals does not have "peanut or nut" products on the label. However it is manufactured in an agriculture facility that does process peanuts or peanut shells. Therefore we make no guarantee that peanuts are not in our animal feed.​​

Parakeet Encounter
1 parakeet stick for $2.00 or

3 parakeet sticks for $5.00


This is our interactive parakeet encounter where you purchase a parakeet feed stick to feed our many fine feathered friends in our open bird aviary.  Many will actually land on your stick, hand, and even your head!

(Seasonal-not offered during the winter)

Things To Do

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