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Frequently Asked Questions

How long should we plan for a visit? 

Truth be told it depends on how much you love animals, you could spend an hour or half a day

What type of park is Big Joel's Safari?  

Big Joel's Safari is a small walk thru park that currently sits on 20 acres (not a drive thru), half petting zoo and half zoo that gets you close to the animals. The zoo will be expanding over the next few years.

What is the best age to visit? 

Big Joel's is made for all ages as long as you love animals

Are you allowed to bring food & beverages into Big Joel's Safari? 

For the safety of our animals the answer is NO, you can however bring water into the park. We do sell sealed snacks & drinks in our gift shop.  Picnic tables are located just outside of the park in the grassy area that surrounds the parking lot.

Is the park wheelchair accessible?  

We are partially wheelchair accessible. The zoo is on natural terrain, which means there are slight inclines, gravel, and grass to manage. Some chairs do better than others & we do not have wheelchair rentals.

What animals are you allowed to feed & touch?  

Almost any animal that can walk up to the fence can be fed or touched, unless posted signs tell you otherwise. For example some love to be petted, but cannot be fed. While some love to be fed, but not touched. Most animals at the park that can be touched & fed love both! The feed is not for all the animals as some are on special diets, so keep them healthy. You can use your hands, spoons, or special feed tubes to feed the animals (but don't use your cup they might steal or break it!). Throwing feed is prohibited.

Do you have to have a reservation or schedule a time to come out to the Safari!  

No, you can visit anytime during open days & hours which can be found just below. 

Does the animal feed for the animals contain peanuts (food allergies)?

Food Allergies: Our feed for the animals does not have "peanut or nut" products on the label. However it is manufactured at agriculture facility that does process peanuts or peanut shells. Therefore we make no guarantees of its presence or trace amounts in our animal feed.​​

For our Parakeet sticks we use sunflower butter to attach the seed instead peanut butter.

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